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Hemitesia - taxa of animals named after humans


Short-tailed - a genus from the family Cettiidae, which was previously attributed to the family Warbler. Includes 4 Asiatic and 1 African species.

In these birds, the back is usually brown and the lower part of the body is light with a brownish, gray or yellowish coating. They look like a genus Cettia but they have shorter tails.

  • Shorttail (Urosphena squameiceps)
  • Timor short-winged warbler (Urosphena subulata)
  • Sarawak short-winged warbler (Urosphena whiteheadi)
  • Pale-legged short-winged warbler (Urosphena pallidipes)
  • Hemitesia (Urosphena neumanni)

Transliteration: Korotkohvostki
Reads backwards as: iktssovhoktorok
Shorttail consists of 14 letters


Hemitesia is a species of birds from the family of short-winged warblers. The specific Latin name is given in honor of the German ornithologist Oskar Neumann.

1. Distribution

They live in Burundi, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Rwanda and Uganda. The natural habitat of the representatives of the seeing is subtropical or tropical humid mountain forests.

2. Description

These are small birds. Length 10 - 11 cm, weight 11.3 g. They have a large head with a characteristic striped pattern and a very short tail.


The voice of Urosphena neumanni is a loud song interspersed with almost inaudible lip notes, repeated at regular intervals.

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Trugtesia translation from Russian into German

Bush warbler Hemitesia Hemitesia. bush warbler true short-winged warbler Cettia diphone, Horeites diphone, Horeites. bush warbler. Bush, Multitran. Short tailed warbler Hemitesia Hemitesia.short tailed woodstar short-tailed hummingbird Myrmia micrura. short tailed wren babbler red throated.

Gasmi Salim: Posts VK.

Gemitesia gerigon fulmar wood grouse goatsin talker gogol gokko tadpole bighead dove pigeon redstart dove potter grackl grallina. Russian and English names of birds: systematic experience. The voices of the birds. Pale-footed short-winged warbler Urosphena pallidipes. 0:12. The voices of the birds. Hemitesia Urosphena neumanni. 0:27. 1. Like Show likes. Philochortus neumanni from Russian into all languages. 3232, Hemitesia neumanni, Neumanns Warbler, Gemitesia, Ruwenzor shorttail. 3233, Scotocercidae Skotocerci. 3234, Scotocerca inquieta. Sheet1. Hemitesia. gerigon. Gerigon krasnosheik. guide guide. hymnobucco. weight. silly you. capercaillie. hoatzin. talker. common gogol. American gogol.

Short Multitran.

Neumann s warbler vok. Trugtesia, m rus. hemitesia, f pranc. tesie de Neumann, mrysiai: platesnis terminas - nendrinukes siauresnis terminas - hemitezija .... Warbler, short tailed is what is warbler, short tailed ?. VOCABULARIUM NOMINUM ANIMALIUM QUINQUELINGUE Philochortus Neumann. 2 hemitesia. 1. LAT Hemitesia Chapin. 2. RUS hemitesia f. 3. Chouette des bois Electronic library of the Veda. Urbos Urosticte ruficrissa Rubber ficus Bengal ficus Sacred ficus Short-tailed Tetramesa Hemitesia Pale-footed. Urbos watch online videos in excellent quality and without. RUS hemitesia f 3. ENG Neumanns warbler 4. DEU Trugtesia m 5. FRA 1. LAT Hemitesia neumanni Rothschild 2. RUS hemitesia f 3.

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