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Writing the phrase "pointed forest star" in transliteration

How is this phrase spelled in transliteration.

ostrokhvostaya lesnaya zvezda

How is this phrase written in the English Qwerty keyboard layout.

j c n h j [d j c n f z k t c y f z p d t p l f

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What does the phrase "sharp-tailed forest star" mean? How to understand it.

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Forest starfish - characteristic features of the species

Native to the carnation family, forest starweed grows as a herbaceous perennial. It has thin, but deep roots and erect stems up to 60 cm high. The leaves on the lower part of the rounded shoots are attached to them with short petioles and have a broad-lanceolate shape. At the top of the plant, the leaves grow directly on the twigs and look more like hearts. Both the stems and foliage are covered with a short and soft down, making the starfish almost velvety.

The people call the plant an owl potion, chaveda or yaskirka.

Oak starwort blooms from late spring to almost late summer. Her flowers are delicate, small, with thin indented petals, each on its own small peduncle. They look like tiny stars no more than 2 cm in diameter. By autumn, cylindrical capsules with rounded brown seeds ripen in their place.

What is valuable oak starwort

Although for medicinal purposes in folk medicine, medium starlet is most often used, forestry also has healing properties. Infusions of this herb help to cope with some health problems:

  • fungal diseases of the skin,
  • bronchitis,
  • auxiliary therapy in the treatment of cancer,
  • prevention of atherosclerosis, scurvy, osteochondrosis, anemia.

Despite the healing effect, do not forget that stars are poisonous plants. Dubravnaya is no exception. It contains a large amount of toxins and can lead to poisoning. Symptoms are severe and require medical attention. The temperature rises significantly, there are cramps in the abdomen, in the arms and legs, breathing and pulse become more frequent.